There are many options when it comes to LASIK. Consider all the points, take into account your risk tolerance and preferences, and set realistic expectations. Ask questions and talk to an experienced eye doctor. If it all feels good, go ahead. But if not, you can always talk to an eye surgeon who is experienced and trustworthy.


An eye doctor will ask you detailed questions about your overall health. Some medical conditions that are not related to the eyes can make LASIK more risky or less predictable. Temporary fluctuations may occur in the vision due to certain medications and conditions, such as pregnancy, breastfeeding or steroid medication. Before you consider LASIK eye operation, wait until your vision stabilizes


The team that your eye surgeon works with may include other specialists who can help you with the initial assessment and measurement. Your surgeon is responsible for determining if LASIK is right for you. He or she also confirms your measurements and performs the operation. Your eye surgeon will take detailed measurements and evaluate your overall eye health before you undergo LASIK. A mild sedative may be prescribed to you prior to your procedure. Eye-numbing drops are administered to you once your body is lying on its side. Next, he/she will apply a laser cutting device to alter your cornea’s curvature. Each pulse of the laser beam removes a small amount of corneal tissue, which allows your eye surgeons to alter the curvature of your cornea.


It is important that the doctor takes the time to explain everything clearly and be open about any potential risks.

Discuss your concerns with your eye doctor and discuss how LASIK can benefit you. You can talk to your eye surgeon about the pros and cons of this procedure.


LASIK can correct a patient’s vision within minutes. Patients can resume normal activities such as reading, working and driving in no time. LASIK is a good option if you have vision problems due to common conditions. LASIK may not require any corrective lenses. It’s not for everyone. Find out if you are a suitable candidate for the job and consider what you should do as you make your final decision. Contact our office to arrange your first consultation.


You can do well if you have realistic expectations and are a candidate for LASIK. Finding an experienced doctor is key to success. Ask your family and friends who have had LASIK to recommend a doctor. You may also check with American Academy of Ophthalmology. It is recommended to get another opinion. You’ll be more secure if you have two different doctors saying the same thing.


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