Colorado Springs LASIK Cost

Do you have a plan to get LASIK done? Do you feel overwhelmed by all the options? LASIK is a revolutionary procedure that has allowed millions to see clearly, without the need for glasses or contacts.

According to the American Refractive Surgery Council, approximately 99% of LASIK patients see 20/40 or better. More than 90% achieve 20/20 vision. This is a remarkable success rate considering the number of patients who undergo LASIK every year.

Before you decide to have LASIK done, make sure that you choose the best surgeon. Your post-surgery outcomes will depend on the skill and experience level of your surgeon.

There are no two eyes the same or exactly the same issues with sight. A LASIK procedure should be customized for your specific needs.

These subtleties will be more easily addressed if you work with a LASIK specialist who has done thousands of operations. Continue reading for 10 facts about LASIK pricing in Colorado Springs.

  1. All LASIK is not the same

One reason LASIK is able to be customized by surgeons is because of technological advances since it was FDA approved. It is important that a surgeon has the latest technology so that all components are up-to-date.

Consider the experience of your surgeon, whether they have performed bladeless or microkeratome blade-LASIK procedures, and what their retreatment plans are.

  1. Refractive surgery can be performed in many different ways

You can choose from LASEK or PRK, two types of refractive surgeries. Depending on the prescription you have and if your qualifications are in line with the FDA’s guidelines, LASIK may not be the right option.

You need to decide what is best for your business, and not just the easiest for corporate chains.

  1. LASIK Pricing Can Vary

Prices for LASIK can be varied! You should be aware that LASIK discounts using bait-and-switch advertising can lead to a loss of time and possibly money.

  1. LASIK has a quick recovery time

It won’t take too much time. In a matter of days, most patients can see clearly within one or two days. You can return to your regular activities in about one month.

  1. LASIK is not usually covered by insurance

Most insurance companies won’t cover LASIK because it is an elective procedure. You will need to either pay out-of-pocket or look into financing.

  1. Look at the Reviews of any LASIK surgeon you are considering

You should research the surgeon who is going to perform your surgery.

  1. Following LASIK, certain activities and exercises should be avoided

LASIK is a fast procedure that can be done in a short time. However, there are some things patients should avoid during recovery. Contact sports, swimming and even the ability to rub your eyes are all things that patients should avoid. To understand what you can expect, ask your eye doctor to give you a timetable.

  1. Listen to the stories of patients and ask for interviews

Talking to past patients is an excellent way to ensure you get what you paid for.

  1. Learn more about Financing

Financing LASIK is an excellent way to get amazing vision today, and then pay it off over time. Better vision is possible with LASIK financing.

  1. Discuss Outcomes

Find out what the range of your refractive errors is and how it could impact your chances of success. A high chance of success is what you want.

You want to ensure that your investment in vision care is worthwhile since you are paying for LASIK.

Do you want to know more about LASIK surgery? To experience clearer vision, schedule a free LASIK consultation with in Colorado Springs CO. Get started on your journey to visual freedom today!

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